Be My Valenslime – A Slimy Valentine’s Day

Orange You Crafty - Valenslime

While searching the internet for non-candy valentine ideas, I came across this blog post. I had recently read how slime is apparently all the rage amongst middle-schoolers these days, so unsurprisingly my son thought this was a very cool valentine idea. If you search the internet, you will find no shortage of recipes and recipe variations for slime between youtube videos and blog posts. While there are a ton of people out there making slime and sharing it, I found most “recipes” didn’t really have measurements, so I’m writing this mostly to share what formula worked for me and a few tips I learned through this process.

Good luck fellow crafters! With all those young slime sellers out there, you may have a hard time finding clear school glue or even glitter in colors you want depending on where you shop.

The SlimeOrange You Crafty - slime ingredients

At the very least, you will need Borax, school glue, and water. If you want to make your slime more exciting, also get food coloring, extra fine glitter, regular glitter, and shaped glitter.

  • Start by dissolving 1 teaspoon of borax into 1 cup of hot water. Stir until all the borax dissolves. Hot water is important, otherwise the borax doesn’t fully dissolve. Set aside for later.
  • Next, drain a whole 4 oz bottle of glue into a mixing bowl. You can use white or clear school glue – it’s all personal preference for what your final product will be. Make sure to let the bottle sit propped upside-down for a minute, if possible, so you can really get all the glue out.
  • Once all the glue is in your bowl, add 1 cup of hot water (NOT the borax/hot water solution). I found this ratio of 1 part glue to 2 parts water made slime with a nice elasticity. Mix the glue and hot water well.
  • After the glue and water is mixed, this is where you add in your “fixin’s” – food coloring, glitter, scent. When adding food coloring, it’s best to dip a toothpick in the coloring and add by very tiny amounts. If the coloring is too strong, it will stain your hands even once the slime is done and ready to be played with.
  • Once your base is ready, stir the glue water with one hand while pouring a small amount of borax solution in, little by little, until the slime forms. I usually got to a good slime result after 3 ‘splashes’ of borax solution. If you try handling it and it’s still too sticky/boogery, add about 1/2 teaspoon of borax solution and mix it in. You can repeat this until you get the slime where you want it.
  • Bonus tip – My red glass glitter slime ended up being extra sticky after it had been sitting and was already separated for the valentines. To fix them in small batches, I mixed up a cup of the borax water solution, dipped my fingertips in and then rubbed the slime and folded it on itself several times to mix it in. It worked perfectly – the slime retained its nice elasticity but lost its stickiness.

In general, this is a really quick and easy craft to put together. And you can play with it right away.

If you decide to slime your friends this year for Valentine’s Day, you can get the 4 oz cups I used here and the labels I made for them will be at the end of this post. Labels are for personal use only. Credit to Maelle.K | Thomas Boucherie and Roland Hüse for the fonts used in my labels.

Orange You Crafty – Valenslime Labels PDF

Orange You Crafty - valenslime towers

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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