A Pusheen Box Review

Back in February I shared the Pusheen valentine mailbox I made for my son. As I mentioned in that post, searching for mailbox ideas led to the discovery of the Pusheen Box subscription service. It was a little too cute to resist, so we ultimately ordered one. Now that it has finally arrived, I thought I’d share all the fun stuff that came in it.

Orange You Crafty - Pusheen Box spread

First off, I think we got incredibly lucky with the theme of the box, which seemed to be food. I think most of my little cat fanatic’s favorite Pusheen pictures involve her eating. 😸

On to the items.

  • 3 sheets of foodie Pusheen stickers – perfect for my son and his sticker collection.
  • Set of 3 foodie Pusheen pins – since being introduced to the pin collecting at Disney World, we collect pins for anything we like, so these are perfect for us.
  • Pusheen key cover – cool and currently hanging out with my son’s giant key chain collection. He has no keys, but at least 20 key chains.
  • Pusheen cookie cutter – so great! I have a sort of compulsion where I must buy anything that makes food into cute shapes – so this fits in perfectly with my many, many other cookie cutters and food shaping goodies.
  • Exclusive Baker Pusheen vinyl figure – super cute and loved by my son.
  • Ceramic Pusheen mini pot – I can’t wait to put a little plant in this.
  • Pack of 3 foodie Pusheen socks – so fun! My son loves these, and they’re really nice quality too.
  • Baker Pusheen apron – awesome because my son is really getting into cooking lately and it’s nice quality. Plus it matches the figure, which is fun.
  • Pusheen umbrella – this is super cute and also so perfect because my son’s umbrella had broken just days before this arrived. 🙂

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So there you have it. My son and I were super geeked about pretty much everything we got. I was also impressed with the quality of everything – it’s all good stuff. And super cute – even the tags and boxes were cute! We’ve tried a few nerdy subscription boxes before and would like maybe 1 or 2 items out of the box, so for our whole box to be winners was awesome. I must say, if you consider yourself to be in the Pusheen fan club, you might want to try the Pusheen Box.;)

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the box itself. I knew from the pictures it looks like a box Pusheen, with the face and the stripes. What I didn’t know was the tail is on the back, which is cute. But the best part … the toe beans are on the bottom! That definitely multiplied the cuteness by about 10. ❤


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