A Gift to Send You Off – Music Teacher Gift Idea

Today I’d like to share one last end-of-school-year gift. This gift is for the music teacher. My son’s music teacher is very nice lady who is retiring this year, so we definitely wanted to get her a little something.

Orange You Crafty - Music Perler Key Chain gift

After much disappointment with searching for gifts online and brainstorming something we could make, I remembered, “My son LOVES to make things with perler beads. He could make her a music-themed perler bead key chain or some magnets! And it’ll be even better because he’s the one making the gift.” Done.

The little dude was totally on board with my idea, so we hopped on the Internet to find what music designs he wanted to make. He chose a little keyboard and an eighth note. We ended up choosing blue for the keyboard color because it’s one of the school’s colors. The designs are pretty easy to find online, but I’m sharing pattern versions of both designs in case you’re interested in making a cool music key chain for yourself, or as a gift. You’ll also need some key chains and some medium jump rings to put it all together.

Assembly is quite simple. After you iron the perler bead designs and let them cool, insert a jump ring through one of the small bead holes and attach the jump ring onto the key chain. Be careful to not iron your designs too much where the holes melt closed completely. This will make attaching the jump ring near impossible. I attached the keyboard at the bottom and the music note at the top to create some layers.

Orange You Crafty - perler bead music keychain

To complete the gift, I designed a simple piano keyboard card. It is free for you to download and print if you would like to use it. Just click on the picture below to download.

Orange You Crafty - Piano card printable


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