Stop and Say Thanks – Bus Driver Gift Idea

Orange You Crafty - Bus Driver gift close up

Next on our list of end-of-school-year gifts is the bus driver. You don’t want to forget to say “Thank you,” to the person who gets your kid(s) to and from school safely all year.

One of my favorite end-of-year gifts for the bus driver is the baggie of chocolate nugget buses, but I wanted to switch things up this year. Instead of candy, we went with a travel cup and drink mixes. I figured A: It might actually be a useful gift for one who drives for their job, and B: It gave us the opportunity to use this cute little bus-themed thank you card.

Orange You Crafty - Bus Driver gift

This gift is affordable and easy to put together. Buy cup and drink mixes, put mixes inside the cup, then print, cut out, and attach the thank you card. The most difficult thing (yet again) was finding a cup. Not only was the selection at our local stores not great, but I found most travel cups are girly. Our kid’s bus driver is a man, so I hope the orange one I bought is acceptable.

*After buying everything for this gift and the orange gift basket, I finally found the travel cup gold mine at the most unlikely store–Jo-Ann Fabrics. They had a whole section of the cup style I’d been hunting for AND had them in basic, anyone-friendly options. So if you have a hard time finding travel cups, you might want to try Jo-Ann’s.


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