Orange you glad, Teacher? – Teacher Gift Idea

Things around here have been on pause. Or maybe you could say I’ve been on an extended Spring Break. Either way, the school year is nearing its end and I’m gaining back some time for creativity and blogging. With that in mind, I’d like to share this year’s end-of-year teacher gift. The “Orange You Glad It’s Almost Summer?” gift basket. How appropriate for me, right? 😉 Orange You Crafty - Orange You Glad gift basket I’ve come across a few of these ‘Orange You Glad…’ gift basket ideas over the past couple of years, but this is the first time we’re actually gifting one. (You can find my inspiration here and here.) I love this gift idea TONS. First, it’s a concentrated basket of orange things – so that makes me super happy. Second, it’s very easy to throw together a bunch of fun items for a relatively low cost. If you luck out at the dollar store or the dollar section at Target, you can make it even more affordable. Orange You Crafty - Orange basket close up For our basket we got:

  • orange gum – plenty of varieties
  • orange tic tacs
  • orange lip balm – I’d recommend mango Burt’s Bees or the Banana Boat lip balm.
  • orange nail polish – again, plenty of varieties
  • sunscreen – Banana Boat comes in an orange bottle
  • orange drinking cup – We had a hard time finding an orange drinking vessel (we finally lucked out at Walmart), but I know orange water bottles, travel mugs, and drinking cups usually exist in stores.
  • orange tea single serving sticks (inside cup) – We bought Crystal Light Peach Tea sticks because it was both an orange fruit flavor and came in an orange package.
  • orange candy – You have a few options here. We happened to come across special Mike n Ike’s in single color packages at Target, so we just bought a bag of orange Mike n Ike’s.
  • orange beach towel – lucky find at Walmart for about $4

We bundled it all together in a cute little basket and tied an orange ribbon around it. Then I made a little card to go along with it and the gift was complete. I just hope lil dude’s teacher enjoys it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. *Here’s some other fun things you could throw in your orange gift basket: goldfish or some other kind of orange crackers, orange sunglasses, orange flip flops, an orange iTunes gift card. You could also use an orange pail instead of a basket to add the “summer fun” element. And… if you’d like to use the card I made up to go along with the gift basket you can download it here: Orange You Glad cards or click on the picture below. Orange You Crafty - Orange you glad cards view


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