Cross Stitchin’

Hello blog world. I feel like I’ve been neglecting you because I’ve been spending a lot of time lately making improvements to my Etsy shop and getting set up for new products.

On a slightly related note, I recently came across a list on Bored Panda where people can share their “bad ass” cross stitchery. It just so happens that I have a whole shop of cross stitches that are pretty cool (in my humble opinion), so I definitely wanted to add a couple of my own to the mix. You can check out the list here: BA Cross Stitches – and vote mine up if you think they’re cool too. Here’s my 2 submissions.Orange You Crafty - Peacock cross stitchOrange You Crafty - Super Mario cross stitch

I only went with one of my gaming-themed patterns b/c there weren’t any other entries in that “genre”. And if you do check out the list, look for the “cellfie” pattern – it’s definitely my favorite entry on there so far.


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