A weekend of amigurumi

I spent most of my free time this weekend crocheting some amigurumi and, as I promised, I have pictures to share.

I started off with the Super Mario mushroom. I would have made more mushrooms, and in a variety of styles, but sadly I was out of most of the yarn colors I needed. These mushrooms murder my hands, but they do stitch up quickly.Orange You Crafty - Amigurumi Mushroom

I also started making a bob-omb, but since I don’t have any gold yarn, it’s just a bomb for now.  Orange You Crafty - Bobomb bomb

Next, I made Kirby. I think he turned out pretty well. It definitely takes longer to make, especially if you’re trying to add all the facial details. I’m a little bummed over the shoes and arms I got from following the pattern because they don’t look like the pattern’s picture, but it’s not terrible. I did spend half of my morning on Sunday trying to figure out a better way to make the shoes though. I’m pretty sure I can figure it out if I just sit down with a yarn and my hook and start testing things out.Orange You Crafty - Amigurumi Kirby gif

On the upside, the pattern I used also had instructions for a Mario hat for Kirby – so we get to accessorize our Kirby a little. Apparently, people really love to try to make the different hats Kirby wears in Super Smash Bros for their amigurumi Kirbys because I came across a bunch of different ones when I was looking for a Kirby pattern.

If you are interested in the patterns I used, you can find them at the following links: BobombKirby, Mushrooms*
*Note – the mushroom pattern is in Spanish. I don’t usually have great success using Google Translate on crochet patterns, but the lovely people of the internet are on top of that. Hopefully, using this chart, you can translate the pattern. Good luck & happy stitching!


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