Brainstorming: Amiibos or Amigurumi

Sorry it’s been a few days. I’ve been finishing up cross stitch patterns and trying to figure out what I could share after all the Zelda – because, honestly, I could probably go another couple weeks before running out of Zelda-related crafts.

So the first project I’ve been considering is Amiibo storage. I don’t know about you, but the Amiibo craze has taken over in our house. The hubs is constantly out checking stores for new releases or searching the internet for them, and they’re also starting to take over any open space in our game room.

After a quick internet search, I see people are going from extreme – making replica Smash Bros level stands, to low budget – using cardboard. We tried a store-bought route – buying some baseball bat display cases, but returned them because the cases are just too dang long for the wall space we have. I think out of everything I’ve seen mixed with my own ideas, I like the basic case/shelving option best.

The other craft project I have rolling around my mind is making some new amigurumi video game stuff. I have 2 things stopping me from crocheting all night though. First, I kind of hate making amigurumi. I love how it looks – I even learned to crochet just so I could make amigurumi, but you have to stitch really tightly if you want it to look good and it can be very detailed work. I get burned out quickly. Remembering this, makes me hesitate at the thought of starting again. The other frustrating thing is so many of the projects I’ve come across online have no pattern associated with them. That, or the creator says you can find them in their Etsy shop, only their Etsy shop has nothing for sale. Sad face.

Ultimately, I know the Amiibo storage must happen, because the ever increasing clutter just won’t do – but the crocheting might take some time. Either way, I’ll be sure to share whatever project I start working on next.


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