A Fun Shirt for a Fun Run

Orange You Crafty - Valentine's Day shirt and hat folded
Today, my son’s school is doing an after-school Valentine’s Day fun run. He loves running, so he’s pretty jazzed about it. The flyer for the event said everyone is supposed to wear red, white, and pink – and while my son definitely has some red or white shirts, I wanted to get him some Valentine’s Day stuff for the run. Apparently, if you try to find Valentine’s Day shirts or silly accessories the week of Valentine’s Day, you’re already too late… they’ve moved on. I think it’s obnoxious, but whatever. I can make my own shirts.

I did some researching and found a list of 10 DIY Valentine’s Day shirt for boys. After having my son look over it, he picked out a Minecraft creeper shirt and a hashtag shirt. I was not as big a fan of the Minecraft shirt, so we went with the hashtag shirt. Originally, I had planned on buying some heat transfer vinyl since I’ve been dying to try out my Cameo using that stuff, but it’s not cheap. I had to decide: $30 for 2 rolls of vinyl or use the freezer paper and t-shirt paint I already have for $0. It was a pretty easy decision.

Orange You Crafty - Valentine's Day shirt B&AIf you’ve never done freezer paper stenciling, it’s a pretty easy process.

  • Hand or machine cut your design on freezer paper – matte side up, shiny side down.
  • Once your stencil is ready, place it on your fabric with the shiny side down and run your iron over the whole thing. I had my iron on medium at first, but then went over it again on high to make sure it was as secure as it could be.
  • Then you just paint the fabric, let it dry, and remove the stencil.
  • To set the paint when you’re done, cover the design with a scrap piece of fabric and run the iron over it again.

Depending on how you apply the paint and how well your stencil adhered to the fabric, your edges may or may not be nice and clean. I used a triangle foam sponge and dabbed the paint on for my shirt. For the most part it came out well. Wherever it looked really rough, I carefully went back over it with a thin, stiff paintbrush and fine-tuned the edges. All in all, I think it looks really good – definitely not as perfect as iron-on vinyl, but good enough.

Orange You Crafty - Valentine's Day shirt

To finish off his look, I also ‘customized’ a red hat I bought on clearance. I cut out a heart from some pink felt, and safety pinned it on so it’s more ‘festive’, but not permanent. I must say, I think he’s going to have a pretty cool outfit for his Valentine’s Day run.

Orange You Crafty - Valentine's Day hashtag shirt


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