These Ornaments are the Bomb

The bomb flower to be precise. Today’s Legend of Zelda craft is technically a Christmas ornament, but some might say bombs are more of a “rest of the year” kind of thing.

Orange You Crafty - Bomb Flower Ornaments header

Orange You Crafty - Wind Waker Bomb FlowerIf you’re into the Legend of Zelda series, I’m sure you’re familiar with bomb flowers. This is an ornament version of the bomb flowers seen in Wind Waker. This project is another one I came across on Pinterest and immediately filed away for Christmas-gift-making time. The original is super nice. I threw my ornaments together last minute, so my leaves are nowhere near as awesome looking. I still think they came out nicely and, luckily, so did the recipient.

If you are a master of precision crafting you can make the leaves in a ‘top’ layer and a ‘bottom’ layer – cut the 3 different color segments of the leaf and then glue them on top of a solid green leaf piece. I’m guessing that’s how the original was made. If you are less patient (like me), or short on time – you can use t-shirt puffy paint. The t-shirt paint covers well, and if you have a steady hand it can look very nice, too.

Orange You Crafty - Bomb Flower Ornament hung

The rest of the ornament’s construction is fairly easy. You could buy blue ornaments or paint the inside of a clear ornament blue for the ‘bomb’. The top white leaves are simple too – cut them out of white felt and use a new pencil eraser dipped in black paint to make perfect dots. Then, slide the white leaves over the ornament top and glue the green leaves to the bottom and you’re done.

Here’s a pattern for the pieces I used so you can adorn your house with bomb flowers too. *The heart is in the pattern just as a guide to make the curved lines on the leaves (especially useful if you use paint).

Orange You Crafty – bomb flower pattern


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