Special Delivery from Hyrule

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Zelda craft to give you… a Valentine’s Day Zelda craft. I should’ve known sharing all the Zelda crafts while brainstorming a good valentine mailbox for this school year would lead to something. Although, apparently, I just need to say, “What should we make for a valentine mailbox this year?”, in front of my husband and he will come up with a perfect suggestion in less than 5 minutes. No joke.

Orange You Crafty - Link at PostboxSo, I proudly present this year’s Valentine’s Day offering – the Legend of Zelda ‘Love’ Postbox a la Wind Waker. The coolest thing about this project is it cost $0 because we had everything on hand. AND, it was all put together in maybe 30-45 minutes. Yay! (image source)


Orange You Crafty - Zelda Valentine Postbox b & a

Making the mail slot was probably the most tedious part, but after it was ready, it was just a matter of wrapping everything in red paper and gluing it all together. I altered the Zelda postbox image a bit to make it more valentines-y and then sent it to the Cameo, and it was done!

Now I just have to decide if I’m really going to entertain my son’s request for me to also make the delivery bag, or the more difficult request to make the ‘Valentine’s Day’ deku mask he dreamed up. Sigh.

PS – Here’s a template for the “valentine” postbox symbol I made if you’d like to try and make one of these yourself. I included a full black & white image and an outline – the B&W image will work easier if you have a Cameo to do your cutting and the outline will save you ink if you print it to cut out by hand.

Orange You Crafty – Valentine Postbox templates


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