The Pillow of Legend

So far I’ve been sharing Valentine’s Day crafts. But coming soon, and probably a bigger deal than Valentine’s Day, is the release of the Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask 3DS and game. So I figured it’d be a good time for some Legend of Zelda crafts… Especially if you’re feeling bummed out because your pre-order got cancelled.

Orange You Crafty - Triforce Pillow header

This is one of the gifts I made for Xmas 2014 – a triforce pillow. A while ago, I saw this post and knew I had to make one, as we have 2 big Zelda fans in our house. I wanted my pillow to be bigger, like throw pillow size – so I didn’t use her pattern. Ultimately I made it like a quilt. First, cut out all the triangles, sew them together, and trim the seam allowances. Then, cut a 3 inch width strip (2 1/2 inches with 1/4 inch seam allowance on each side) of fabric long enough to go around the triforce sides. Next, sew the edging to each side, leaving an opening for turning and stuffing. I decided to also sew a seam across each corner to help define the points more. Lastly, stuff and stitch up the opening with the ladder stitch and – ta-da, you’ve got the triforce. 

Orange You Crafty - Triforce Pillow 2

Here’s a link for the “pattern piece”, but you don’t really need it. As long as you have an equilateral triangle shape, you can print it as large or as small as you want (or can sew) to make whatever size triforce plush/pillow you want. If you do use the PDF, make sure you choose ‘actual size’ when printing to get the correct dimensions.

Orange You Crafty – Triforce Pillow PDF

Happy Crafting!


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