A vending machine for your valentines…

Orange You Crafty - Vending Machine Valentine MailboxToday, I have another valentine mailbox from the past. This one was our creation for last year – the Luv-O-Matic valentine vending machine mailbox.

My son’s class had a valentine mailbox contest, so I was extra motivated to come up with something original. This project was a collaboration of ideas from all of us and I still love how cool it turned out. I am also pleased to report it was the 1st place winner (by unanimous vote, no less), so my crafting-crazy paid off.

Constructing this thing was pretty intense, and the finished project was not small either. The finished mailbox had all the features of a real vending machine from the buttons to the pick up door. It was definitely a super cool valentine mailbox, albeit a tortuous one to make.

Here’s a breakdown of what was used for the vending machine. Most things were found at the dollar store.

Orange You Crafty - Valentine Vending Machine

  • bulk vinegar box
  • large shoebox lid
  • paper towel roll
  • red metallic tissue paper
  • clear gift wrap
  • heart garland
  • heart stickers – regular & foam
  • plastic heart stones
  • crazy light-up heart bracelet
  • red duct tape
  • striped paper straws
  • extra cardboard
  • small plastic slinky

Inside we came up with 9 ‘classic’ valentines. Most things came from the dollar store and our local craft store – a few items came from a regular department store.

Orange You Crafty - Row 1 Valentines

Top row: pink flowers in white tissue w/ baker’s twine, a red rose in pink tissue w/ red ribbon, a teddy bear

Orange You Crafty - Row 2 Valentines

Middle row: a pack of conversation hearts (my favorite!), a cupcake w/ a cherry on top, a card

Orange You Crafty - Row 3 Valentines

Bottom row: a vial of Love Potion No. 9, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, a giant diamond ring

Sadly we weren’t able to keep this one like we did with our little Valbot. A- it was too big, and B- I was worried the chocolates would start getting gross in there. (yuck!) On the upside, I learned from my previous mistake and remembered to make a flap for getting the valentines out this time around.


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