I am a Robot… of Love

Orange You Crafty - Robot Valentine Mailbox

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I thought I’d share some past valentine creations to get me inspired for this year. This one is from a few years ago. Surprisingly, he’s still in good shape after all this time. We called him VALBOT 3000 – the love robot. The robot valentine mailbox is a tried and true idea, but I think our little guy is fun and unique.

Construction was fairly simple, with the most tedious part probably being the wrapping of everything in foil while trying not to rip it. We used a little cupcake gift box for his head and a small shipping box for the body. His neck, legs, and “hands” are made from toilet paper/paper towel rolls – with the neck and legs painted red and the hands cut to make pinchers and then covered in foil. I attached the pincher hands with brads so they can be moved. His feet are just pieces of cardboard wrapped in foil. His arms are made like folded paper snakes.

If you’re not familiar with making folded paper snakes – you cut 2 long strips of paper, about an inch or so wide. You can attach strips if you need the “snake” to be longer.Orange You Crafty - Folded Paper Snake Steps

Match the edge of the 2 strips up – making an ‘L’. Glue them together. Then you fold one piece over the other until you get your accordion-like arms. Glue at the end.

Orange You Crafty - Folded Paper Snake

His antennae are sparkly red pipe cleaners and the other details were drawn on or made using buttons or details cut from doilies. You can really do whatever you feel makes it look like a robot.

My one mess-up when making this was, amidst all my excitement, forgetting to make an ‘exit’ flap so the valentines could be retrieved after the party … we had to do a little surgery once it came home.  (Oops!)

Orange You Crafty - Valbot Robot Valentine Mailbox


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